Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Winds of Change (This is a Quick note!)

I walked into a friends office this afternoon and stood before his desk with a big smile. "Whooooshhhh" I said to him. He had been intent working on his computer, but stopped upon my loud entrance glancing up at me with that  all to familiar Robin you are crazy, look. "Do you know what that is?" I asked him. "That my friend is the winds of change!"

Ever have a day when you just need something, anything, good to happen? It could be as simple as finding a long lost $5 bill in your pocket or maybe just a smile from someone as you stand in line, forever, waiting for your lunch. When you work a job that is driven by how many people you can get through your front door and currently those people just are not coming, it can be extremely stressful. When you leave that job and go home to "work" your full time for the rest of your life job, also known as  Motherhood, it can be a little overwhelming, especially when you have a child that has his own unique perception of life. There are days where I tend to feel like "why bother" because neither job is going the way I had hoped or planned.

About six weeks ago I took , as best as I possibly could, gluten out of my son's diet. As a mother always researching and looking for ways to help my son diagnosed with Autism, it seemed only natural to do everything humanly possible for him. That's what we do. Although I could see changes at home I had not heard of anything getting better for him at school. School is our biggest challenge and where the difference really needed to happen. After changing his diet, we saw such a difference so quickly that we were able to start weaning him off of his medications. They did not seem to be helping him anymore. Of course we consulted our "Autism Team" of clinicians before doing this. Most did not think the gluten free diet would show much but did not discourage me with the plan.

Also over the last several weeks I have been working with Matthew on understanding things that I took for granted that he already knew, example, what room the "living room" is. He asked me where his Nook was and with my back to him as I was on the computer (again!) I told him it was in the living room. I heard quite a loud sigh of exasperation. What Matt? What's wrong? Again a loud sigh. Please tell me what the problem is. (This is usually when I start getting frustrated) He said to me in quite a matter of fact tone, "I don't know what that is, we live in every room in the house!" So, as you can see, there was more work to be done that I just did not realize until that moment.

All of this brings me to today and "the winds of change." I received an email today from my son's homeroom teacher at school. " Hi Mr. and Ms. Davis. I just wanted to let you both know how much of a noticeable difference we've seen in Matthew over the month of March. He has had little to no daily issues, and I don't think he has been marked for anything at all these last two weeks." (Marked meant that his "behavior sheet" did not come home marked with anything that he had to be warned or disciplined about.) "In addition we have seen a change in his tone....a more pleasant voice, asking questions instead of yelling at people, remembering his manners, participating  and interacting more with other students..." You get the picture. Wow! I was so pleased. It was so nice to know that something we were doing was working and that it was noticed and appreciated. I know Matthew had noticed a difference but the school was not aware of the changes we made at home, so this was like gold to me. Things are improving in our lives at home and that is the "winds of change" that made me smile today. Hopefully the winds will keep blowing away the old and ushering in the new...

Well, gotta go, my kids are hollering for me to come watch a movie with them...awesome huh?!

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